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3D Printing a house...and it took less than a day!

Apis Cor, an additive manufacturing construction company in Russia, have built a 38 square meter house using their concrete 3D printer, in less than 24 hours.

3D Printed houseIt was reported, “The total construction cost of the house came to $10,134, which breaks down to about $275 per square meter. A traditionally square-shaped house with less fancy materials and appliances, says Apis Cor, would have cost about $223 per square meter.”3D Printed house

The main challenge during construction was the freezing temperatures as the concrete mix used to print the building is only functional at temperatures of 5 degrees or higher. To combat this, the house was constructed within a protective tent.

Apparently the finished building is ‘cosy and comfortable’ and has all the modern features you would expect to find in a home – no mean feat in the middle of a Moscow winter! It’s unique design can be seen at and 3D Printed house

So, is this the beginning of things to come? The speed at which this house was built in comparison to more traditional methods, must surely outway the slightly higher costs? Minimal human input additionally results in lower wage bills, as well as the removal of the risk from human error. It seems to be a win win situation. It no longer seems to be a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’…

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