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3D Printed Spectators at this year's Winter Olympic Games!

The Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 are well and truly underway! But did you know some of the visitors you may be seeing on the television are actually 3D printed?!

2018 Winter Olympic gamesLast year, the Korea Tourism Organisation launched a scheme inviting international participants to become involved in the Games by becoming ‘special cheering members.’

Grab CAD report that, “anyone who wanted to participate was asked to upload a photo late last year, then some photos were randomly selected and made into 3D printed look-alike figurines”.

Some of these ‘special visitors’ could be seen prior to the Olmpic Games, ‘enjoying themselves’ at “the beach at Jumunjin to watch the sunset, the streets of Hongdae for late night shopping and people watching, and at the renowned Namdaemun Market, where food vendors serve spicy stir-fried rice cake.”2018 Winter Olympic Games 3D Printed Spectators

Apparently they are now residing at the SangSang Stadium for the duration of the Games with their names proudly displayed on the Stadium board.

I wonder if we’ll be able to spot them amongst the crowds?!

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