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3D printed diamonds? Lockheed Martin think they can!

Diamonds are well known for being a girl’s best friend; so image the ability to 3D print diamonds to order!

3D Printed diamondsBeing able to specify the exact shape, size and design of diamonds would bring huge changes to the jewelry industry, as any limitations to do with the practicalities of design would no longer be an issue.

Lockheed Martin, the US global security and aerospace company, may well have provided such an answer! The company has recently put forward a patent for a new 3D printer, which will be able to create incredibly strong drill bits as well as lightweight ultra strong saws, knives and armour.

However, the thing that has caught the media’s eye (see more in 3D Printing Industry), is the ability of this machine to 3D print synthetic diamonds. 3D printed diamonds

This all sounds highly exciting, but realistically how much investment will go into this will remain to be seen.

Interestingly De Beers Technologies, the name we all associate with diamonds, already have two 3D printing machines, not to make diamonds, but to help with general production methods such as verifying and sorting. Whether they will progress to manufacturing we will have to wait and see….

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