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Did you know Europe finally has it's first 3D printed building?

It seems that Europe has been lagging behind the rest of the world somewhat when it comes to 3D Printing buildings. Now Denmark will be the one to fly the flag first, with construction completed just before Christmas!

3D Printed BuildingIt is thought that the reason behind the lack of companies using 3D Printing to construct buildings in Europe is due to the stringent Building Regulations that need to be adhered to here.

However, Danish company, 3D Printhuset, took the lead and along with funding from the Denmark government, began construction in September of what they call, 'a small office hotel'.3D Printed Building

It may be small (less than 50sqm) but their aim was to show all the benefits and flexibility that 3D construction printing can bring. The building does not contain any straight lines or walls, and the only straight elements are the windows and doors. 3D Printed building 

The aim of the project was purely to show that it is possible to build using 3D Printing technology in Europe. The team are hoping that now they have proven that they can meet the European building codes, other companies will come forward and try. provide more details.  

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