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What additional costs are involved in sourcing from China?

Buying from China can be a very good move, but in weighing up the options it is worth considering several points.

1. Cost and time 

The cost and time involved in shipping tooling or parts back to the UK. (FOB is free on board the supplier, meaning you will need to cover the cost of shipping). Couriers typically ship parts from China to the UK in 3 - 5 days, but cost is linked to size and weight.

2. Import duties 

These are payable on all goods brought into the UK from outside the EU.

3. Be prepared to travel 

It is always advisable to have visited the possible supplier both well before, and possibly during the project.

4. Exchange rates. 

Tooling is usually quoted in US $ and this can work both for and against a purchaser.

5. Lead-times 

When assessing lead-times on tooling, remember that the clock is considered to start when the data, purchase order AND initial payment reaches the suppliers' bank account. This can easily add a week to a delivery schedule.

6. Watch out for holidays! 

Just because we are working in the UK, it is easy to assume that everyone else is too (eg Chinese New Year).

If in doubt, try using us. We have been there, done it and done it again!

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