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Thinking about reshoring your tool from the Far East?

Brexit has shaken up businesses across the country and many companies are using this as an opportunity to re-evaluate the way they are conducting their manufacturing. 

Exchange ratesFluctuating exchange rates and the uncertainty of what is to come has already resulted in an increase in the demand for tooling within the UK.  Tooling costs in the Far East are rising, due to higher wage expectations, increased shipping costs alongside falling exchange rates. One option many companies are looking into is to bring their tools back to the UK.

This does require thought, however, both logistically and financially.

Typical questions that must be raised...

1) What are the costs to ship the tool back to the UK?

2) What spares should be shipped with the tool?

3) How long will this take? (Bear in mind air, sea and now rail freight options) Lost production time will need to be factored in to the equation.

4) Once the tool is UK based, what will the export costs be in comparison to shipping from the Far East?Aluminium tool

5) Will the tool come with any warranty?

6) A UK moulder will need to be confident about the tool they are taking on. They will certainly want to know:

  • i) The tool quality and would probably want to see samples of the parts already produced.
  • ii) The tool specs including the material of the mould.
  • iii) The part design.
  • iv) The materials used for the part.
  • v) Information on the tools provenance.

7) It is worth checking that a UK moulder will be able to run the tool for the number of hours required for the production quantities (bearing in mind Chinese moulders often work 7 days a week)?

8) Do you have a UK toolmaker prepared to support the tool if things go wrong?Far Eastern tooling

Speak to us about tooling

Plunkett Associates manufactures both in the Far East and in the UK and are well placed to assist with all your tooling requirements.

For more tooling advice for high volume quantities see our articles on Production Tooling and Mass Production.

In the meantime, pick up the phone and talk to us. We will be happy to help.

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