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Is using a Chinese supplier a viable solution for my project?

There has been much written about what companies from the Far East can offer; some of it bad, some of it good and some of it down right mis-leading. 

Here at Plunkett Associates we have spent the best part of the last 10 years building productive and professional relationships with our Chinese suppliers. We feel we are in a good position to make discerning choices about when, and crucially, when not to look to the east. As a result we are able to supply parts to our customers of an extremely high standard, on time and within budget wherever they come from.

China train transport optionManaging production and delivery

When supplying from overseas our customers will always deal with a UK company in sterling. There are no import headaches – we handle the shipping, customs, duties and deliver parts straight to your door.  You tell us what you want - in English - and we will do the liaison, and manage production and delivery according to your timescales.

Shipping options are becoming more flexible with the development of the ‘New Silk Road,’ a 11,000 km rail route from western China through Russia to Germany. This will provide an option by land that will take roughly 3 weeks to import goods to the UK, as opposed to 6-8 weeks by sea. For larger shipments this will make a substantial difference to shipping costs.

Personal relationship, high quality service

As with our European supply base we know the management and employees of our Far Eastern suppliers well, and over the years have made many personal visits to cement these relationships, inspect facilities and refine working protocols. Our consistent level of turnover means our suppliers are extremely responsive to our needs and we are confident in their ability to produce high quality parts according to your requirements.Chinese supplier

However, as always, there is a big BUT…. There are many considerations when dealing with suppliers from a country such as China, with a unique and complex culture very different from our own, which is deeply imbedded into everyday life, including the work ethic.

Business relationships are built formally in China and it can take years to gain trust and respect. However, once this has been formulated the bonds that are formed are extremely professional, strong and mutually beneficial.

Proven track record, on time, within budget

As a result of the time spent with our overseas suppliers, we trust them implicitly and they have manufactured many quality tools and parts for our customers. We have a proven track record of being able to supply from China extremely high standard products, on time and within budget. By dealing through us we pass on all the benefits, with you taking none of the risk.

Chinese New Year lanternsFor those who think this may be an option for your project, please bear in mind Chinese New Year falls around January /February and there will be some disruption to services around this time. However, remember that in China Christmas is not celebrated as we do in the west and so there is a negligible pause in manufacturing during the time that is our traditional UK ‘shutdown’. It is quite possible to send us an order on Christmas Eve and have parts back on your desk when you return in the New Year!

We believe China is a viable option and have no hesitation in recommending their capabilities….BUT only when you deal with someone like us who has been there, done that – and done it again! We know the pitfalls so if in doubt, try using us. Please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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