The Solution is stereolithography...

Stereolithography in ClearVue for outstanding optically clear production part.

Additive manufacturing ideal for high spec low volume quantities.


Harwin came to Plunkett Associates with a design for a jig that they needed in low volume quantities. The requirement was for an optically clear functional production part.ClearVue SLA


Due to the high level of detail and the accuracy required, plus the low volume quantities required, additive manufacturing was going to be the most cost effective, and only, solution to produce the parts.

The geometry, however, was a challenge. Plunkett Associates worked with Harwin on the design so that it became possible to use ClearVue resin through stereolithography (SLA). Using our years of experience and trust in our suppliers, we felt confident enough to be able to push the boundaries!ClearVue SLA

Once the supports were removed, the parts were polished to give an outstanding optically clear finish.

The result was a design that provides functional, durable, usable parts in clear plastic for Harwin that can be repeated in small quantities as and when required, thanks to Additive Manufacturing.


The parts have arrived and they work perfectly. Thanks!