The Solution is extrusion....

Production ready plastic extrusion in 20 days.

Low volume plastic extrusion from China.

Requirements Plastic extrusion

The part was too thin to be produced by injection moulding, and Naim Audio only required minimal quantities. Plunkett Associates was tasked with delivering a production ready plastic extrusion in just 20 days.


Plastic extrusion is usually associated with high volume manufacturing. Minimum order quantities are often 10,000 metres and Naim Audio’s requirement was 500 metres.

Plunkett Associates sourced a supplier in China that could produce tooling and parts in the quantities and timescales required.

To ensure the parts arrived fit-for-purpose Naim Audio was sent a sample so the material’s properties could be approved, as well as a dimensional report so the measurements could be checked. As a result the parts were delivered on time and worked perfectly first time.


We’ve been working with Plunkett Associates for about five years. They have a fantastic supply chain, work with all sorts of production processes and will always do their utmost to solve a problem. To obtain a plastic extrusion part in such small quantities and with such a tight deadline was going to be a big challenge, but Tim sourced a supplier where other contacts we had approached failed.

“The parts matched our specifications perfectly and his management of the process meant we could be confident they would arrive on time and be fit for purpose.”